Deciding to buy the Best Ford Focus Electric Car




You really want to check out the Ford focus electric vehicles if you have decided that the time has come to make a purchase into a vehicle that is not only going to be fuel efficient but kind towards the environment. For additional info on this and a great choice of other Ford vehicles be sure you visit

Whether you want to invest in a new model or select one of the older versions you are certainly going to have the choice to do so. If you are going to make this kind of investment then you want to select the 2016 Ford Focus, chances are that. There may be so many features and benefits about this vehicle that it is really creating a stir of excitement amongst many.

When you are looking at the 2016 Ford Focus there are a lot of choices that you are going to desire to make. You are going to possess the choice between deciding for your standard. Alternatively, the available wheels that will complement the look of your option. The Ford Focus electric has a really impressive looking a Grill to it. It includes the 17 inch 15 spoke aluminum wheels.

The car is not expected to be available till the spring of 2016 which is not far, and many decided that this is the time to invest in this vehicle that will be the most impressive within the electric vehicles available.

It has aerodynamic design to it which fits in with what one could expect a car of this calibre to have. It really is being revealed that this will likely be the fastest production Focus on the planet. Not only can one look forward to every one of the benefits and features which come with this most exciting vehicle but the colour choices are superb. Many are impressed with the focus ST exterior design and discover it every bit as impressive from the interior.

As with all Ford a car the safety features are top notch. Most individuals which have ever had the pleasure of owning a Ford vehicle have always done so with assurance in understanding that their and they passengers are as a safe as possible in relation to being on the highway. Making the choice to make your next vehicle an electric one is a good step in the best direction and making it a Ford choice means you have made the best option possible. Make sure to take a look on the other great Ford vehicles at

Mahindra plans new test track, manufacturing plant in Tamil Nadu – Report


New manufacturing plant will roll-out Mahindra’s potential models.

Mahindra & Mahindra possesses announced options of making an investment INR 4000 crore on a new manufacturing plant, which will likely be located inside Cheyyar, Kancheepuram, in the state involving Tamil Nadu. The revolutionary plant is required to roll out there Mahindra’s potential models, rather than the existing variety currently stated in Nashik and Chakan, Maharashtra.
Mahindra U301 top three groups spied tests in Chennai October 2014

The revolutionary plant is required to roll out there Mahindra’s potential models, rather than the existing variety. (Upcoming Mahindra U301 employed for representation. )

The INR 4000 crore investment will require place inside two levels, spread more than seven many years. The 1st stage with the company is always to build some sort of test track in the area proposed for factory, while the other stage is usually an automobile vegetable.

The Tamil Nadu government has already allocated 255 acres of land with the proposed capability, which would make it the most significant facility with regard to Mahindra inside India, outside the house Pune.

Executive Director involving Mahindra’s car or truck division, Pawan Goenka, had been quoted declaring:

We are actually promised the land will likely be allocated very soon. The MoU will likely be signed in the Global Traders Meet (in May this year). After land may be alloted for you to us, right away, we will start off with the test track facility. And then we will set up the vehicle factory. But, it depends on how the particular auto marketplace grows.

Apple developing an electric car – Report


Rumor provides it that it resembles any “minivan”.

Based on Wall Neighborhood Journal, Apple is actually stepping beyond its key competency by working away at an electric powered car, codenamed “Project Titan”. The record claims that it’s a “minivan” within its existing form, and how the project was signed off of by PRESIDENT Tim Prepare nearly a year ago.
Apple Keep

There is actually neither affirmation from Apple company or WSJ that it will be seen on streets inside the immediate upcoming, let alone turning it into to creation.

However, there is actually neither affirmation from Apple company nor WSJ about the Apple “iCar” (or whatever it will be called). The report points out that it’d take a very extensive period before it makes it to creation, assuming how the company believes an Apple automobile should really exist.

Project Titan may be a program for Apple to work on completely new car technology – being a new iteration from the CarPlay or perhaps further bettering their Siri (virtual assistant) integration.
Apple company CarPlay push shot

Project Titan may be a program for screening new automobile technologies, CarPlay as an illustration.

Leading your project is actually ex-Ford engineer and existing Apple executive Steve Zadesky, who handles a team of just one, 000 employees from all over different departments inside the company. The record also speculates how the company provides contracted having several OEM companies for components, one ones being Magna Steyr, a production company that helpful to build cars for Mercedes and BMW. inch

Choosing Ford Vehicles for Your Fleet is a Great Choice

Colleyford 8.1jpeg

Colleyford 8.2jpeg

Colleyford 8.3jpeg

For firms that require the use of many vehicles their easy go is by obtaining Fleet vehicles. there is absolutely no better vehicle on the market to satisfy this need then the Ford Fleet vehicles. For those that are only in the market for an reliable and excellent vehicle can meet your requirements.

The reason for Ford being the best choice for fleet vehicles is because Ford continues to be able to identify the needs of Fleet owners and has been able to manage all of their requirements. They have been effective in keeping the price factor within a reasonable limit while still offering many choices of fleet vehicles.

They have paid a great deal of attention to the various specifications that the different industries may have when it comes to creating their fleet. Ford made sure that they are going to be able to comply with the requirements.

Another very important factor in relation to a number of vehicles is definitely the safety, and as with all of the Ford vehicles, the safety has played a top priority in the vehicles that are offered as those for fleet use.

Businesses that happen to be in the need for fleet vehicles must be able to depend upon a trusted manufacturer as well as brand. Ford holds no disappointments when it comes to this and has proven itself within the industry like a vehicle leader particularly when it involves the fleet vehicles.

There are many decisions how the business owner needs to make with regards to the fleet vehicles and one of these is whether or not they want to keep your same brand name for their entire fleet or whether they need to different vehicle types. Regardless of the case can be in the fleet division to the Ford manufacturer they can certainly assist in helping to make the right decision and determine what requirements really need to be met.

Apart from keeping the fee for fleet vehicle purchases reasonable, company owners have found that when it comes to maintenance and repair that they can rely on being able to stay well within their budget if they have made the decision to create the Ford Fleet vehicles into their business.

In addition to this the drivers that have to depend on their vehicles for the business are most impressed with what the Ford choice of fleet vehicles has to offer them. They are able to get their work done as know and needed that they could refer rely on the performance of the Ford Fleet vehicles no matter which make or model has been chosen. Be sure to visit for your personal and business vehicle needs.

2016 Hyundai Tucson SUV’s first teaser released [Update – First images in]


Update 1 – From Autoweek. nl, these include the first stay images on the 2016 Hyundai Tucson that is revealed after today inside Germany.

Update 2 – AutoWp. ru features uploaded the very first studio shots on the 2016 Tucson. Hyundai is usually yet to discharge official facts.

2016 Hyundai Tucson the front image stay

2016 Hyundai Tucson raise image stay
2016 Hyundai Tucson – Very first official photographs

2016 Hyundai Tucson 1st live impression

2016 Hyundai Tucson facet profile 1st live impression

2016 Hyundai Tucson facet first stay image

2016 Hyundai Tucson raise three sectors first stay image

2016 Hyundai Tucson interior first stay image

2016 Hyundai Tucson controls first stay image

2016 Hyundai Tucson middle console 1st live impression

2016 Hyundai Tucson items knob 1st live impression

Likely for being powered by means of turbocharged gasoline and diesel-engined engines with DCT.

Hyundai will be unveiling your next generation ix35 another day (February 18, 2015) from 16: 00 CET. Before reveal, the car maker features released a new teaser image on the new VEHICLE. Only due to this generation, Hyundai features announced so it will throw away the ‘ix35? name to bring back the ‘Tucson’ nameplate.
2016 Hyundai Tucson teased

The newest Tucson should have its open premiere on the Geneva Motor Show the following month.

Back this year, Hyundai Motor India Confined (HMIL) substituted the more aged Tucson while using the Santa Fe VEHICLE, and is constantly on the sell your Santa Fe inside its brand-new generation currently. It is usually highly unlikely with the new Tucson for being sold inside India quickly, though within the distant potential, when the market industry evolves, the organization may look at the product, a new source instructed Indian Motor vehicles Blog.

The newest 2016 Tucson should have its Western european premiere on the Geneva Motor Show the following month. Powertrain in addition to specification facts remain unannounced nevertheless reports indicate that the new Tucson will be powered by means of turbocharged gasoline and diesel-engined engines matched to some DCT (dual-clutch transmission).

1978 Nissan S30 – Snap, Crackle, Pop


Japan is a great place. Those who have never been are only able to dream during the day they can go and those who made the journey cannot wait to return. Culturally, it’s a completely different place than America and the culture shock when an American arrives can be a delightful surprise. We often turn to Japan for our automotive inspirations. Though our community has progressed leaps and bounds, there exists always a part of us that still looks towards the Japanese for creative inspiration. The greatest part of the Japanese scene is how vast it is and the way much variety exists. As a whole you would simply call it a “scene” just make sure look closer, you’ll realize there are so many different styles and ways of creating their automotive masterpieces that it almost seems unfair to lump them all up into one category. Every region has their own subculture when it comes to building cars, creating distinction when you travel across the country.

What’s also great about the Japanese tuning world is that you will often see cars that are completely relatable among others that are completely mind-blowing. These are the types of builds that have you asking yourself how and why as you scour the Internet seeking more English-friendly information. These other worldly projects make Japanese tuners so intriguing, and should light a fire within us all to be just as innovative. Judging by the photos the truth is in this spread, you should know what direction we’re going to take you. The paint scheme on this ‘78 S30Z should indeed be wild but we should include that its appearance is most certainlySnap and Crackle, Pop

Knowing ahead of time that Kazuhiro Furukawa (of Osaka JDM) is friends together with the owner, we made the required arrangements to have Noriaki Miyamoto kindly bring this ’78 S312 as much as Osaka. Miyamoto is the owner of Common Snapper, a tuning shop based in the Mie prefecture (about an hour’s drive, he says) which specializes in the customization of vehicles of all types. They work on foreign vehicles as well as Japanese domestics but Miyamoto has a particular affinity for classic Datsuns and Nissans. You might have seen some of Common Snapper’s previous work; prior to this epic build, they created another S30Z that garnered quite a bit of buzz on the web. Aesthetically it was much easier than this rendition but under the hood sat a BNR33 Skyline RB26DETT swap. Though an RB26 in anything is already impressive, what made that Z notable was the whole retrofitted R33 Skyline GT-R interior. It absolutely was truly a looker but was possibly a little too refined to be a competitive race car. With this new S30Z project, Miyamoto knew that it had to be more raw, an edgier feel. As mentioned, the green and black livery is interesting, but what hides underneath the lengthy hood of your Fairlady is just wicked. An L28 with Mikuni carbs is nice, an SR20DET is better, and an RB26DETT amazing-but knowing Common Snapper’s history, those were all to get expected. Miyamoto had something very different in your mind. He ditched the idea of pistons and connecting rods altogether and prefered a rare tri-rotor Mazda Wankel engine.

The 20B rotary engine was first introduced to the world in the Japanese-market only ‘90-‘95 Mazda Eunos Cosmo. It is the only Mazda production car to ever utilize the three-rotor engine from the factory so to see it mounted into a non-Mazda, S30Z chassis is completely captivating. Miyamoto-san wouldn’t divulge all the details about how he got the swap to work, nor did he have the time for you to explain, but he did tell us he basically had to “start from nothing” and make use of his imagination to get the swap to work. Originally, the 20B came from Mazda with a twin-turbo set-up but has since changed-over to an individual GReddy T88-33D turbine. With the Mazda engine in place, there is more than enough room for Common Snapper to generate a custom V-mounted Blitz intercooler set-up as well as relocate the radiator. Fuel delivery comes by way of dual Bosch 044 fuel pumps, mounted in the trunk in which a separate fuel cell also sits. No remains of any exhaust system exists in the rear of your car since the turbo dump pipes have been redesigned to exit via an opening produced inSnap and Crackle, Pop

Miyamoto went with a more conventional race set-up this time around, as cool as it was for the other Common Snapper Fairlady to get a full GT-R interior. The cockpit continues to be completely gutted and devoid of all creature comforts. Instead you’ll look for a custom fabricated rollcage and dashboard adorned with numerous Auto Meter gauges. You won’t find anything else inside other than a pair of Bride racing buckets. This ’78 Z is in fact left-hand drive. That’s worth mentioning. Miyamoto not only enjoys his Japanese classics, he also has a fondness for USDM style. The vibrant green on black paint hides the exterior modifications but the chassis is categorically race-ready. Common Snapper has installed an OTS front spoiler as well as the sleek rear spoiler is a product from Esprit. Shedding unwanted weight was ideal so they’ve swapped the heavy OEM doors and rear hatch in exchange for high-grade fiberglass pieces. A lightweight chassis is always important but he stresses the necessity of reinforcing the body, especially when you’re making a large amount of power.

The suspension is dialed-in with Bilstein dampers and 12K springs. Delivering 3-rotor power to the ground is a manual transmission from an FD3S RX-7 with upgraded clutch from OS Giken. What might possibly be the most prominent feature externally are the aggressively staggered Barramundi Design “Snook” wheels. Inside a tuning world filled with virtually any combination of classic JDM wheels, it’s exciting to see a completely new wheel enter the market. R33 Brembo brakes front and rear help to include that Skyline-flavor to theSnap and Crackle, Pop

Non-conformity and a unique sense of style help to make this S30Z a shining star in the ever-prominent Japanese tuning world. Miyamoto with his fantastic associates have got a timeless classic and transformed it into a complete custom race-bred automobile. It’s a fragment of ‘70’s Nissan, with a trace of ’90s Mazda, and 100% Common Snapper.

How To Horde The Green In Ways You Won’t Even Notice

Saving money is a daily task and one that most fail at because even a single slip up can undo tons of days of being good. The trick is to come up with sustainable ways to save money so you aren’t struggling every day. That’s the hardest thing. If you make it so the only way to save money is by making daily sacrifices, it’s not going to work and you are going to constantly be fighting and being miserable. It’s like working out and eating healthfully. You have to engage in good habits, because even one 2AM bacon cheeseburger will undo months of broccoli consumption. Here are some things to do to save money that can actually be maintained.

Online Piracy


The biggest fallacy is that you need to subscribe to HBOgo or Netflix to keep up on your shows. Everyone even calls it ‘watching netflix”” like it’s an actual verb or something. And perhaps it is. But you can watch anything, every movie for the most part, and certainly ever current show, online for free. Sometimes the quality suffers and sometimes there are subtitles you can’t turn off, but you are saving money on the monthly subscriptions and that kind of savings adds up to hundreds of dollars a year, and you are no longer a slave to those companies.

Slightly Used Car


Another way to save money is to get a slightly used car when you’re going for that new set of wheels. If you buy new, you’re probably thinking that you will save money on the car longterm because you won’t have to deal with repairs for a while. And that’s true, you are thinking correctly. But if you get a car that’s a few years older, still from a dealer, you have all the same benefits of minimal repair, but also save a bunch on the initial sticker price. So go to Nissan Los Angeles and check out the slightly used cars they have there. You’ll save money by going to and getting a car there than a brand new car.

Generic Products


One of the most amazing things about modern society is how a company like Advil can sell you the exact same thing as a CVS or Dollar Store and charge you more and for some reason people buy it. It’s absolutely insane to buy Advil. It’s a drug, ibuprofen, and the generic versions are literally the exact same thing. There is no benefit to getting the name brand. In some instances there are, like Coke vs Generic Cola. But not in headache medicine that’s for sure. So you can waste dimes and dollars here and there as much as you want under the false pretense that you’re paying for something that you wouldn’t otherwise be receiving, but know you’re wasting money and not only that, but looking like a total idiot all the while. Don’t be a money wasting idiot, get the generic version of drugs and other things that are the exact same!

1997 Honda Civic – I Get Knocked Down, But I Get Up Again


Each and every year we give you guys a Honda-dedicated issue to pay homage to the manufacturer that helped paved how for what we largely consider today as being the import scene . Our detractors will claim that every Super Street is actually a Honda Issue but that’s not true. In Hondas, fact and Acuras make up a very small portion of whatever we cover on the larger scale, and we’re very understanding regarding your desire for variety and make an honest effort to honor that. It’s usually a lot of fun because a lot of us started out as Honda owners; a couple of us still are, even though as it pertains time to create a Honda issue. It’s important to remember where we came from so being able to work towards our annual Honda Problem is equally important to us.

Earlier times couple of years have brought out a very diverse crowd of Hondas. From all points across the country and across the Pacific in Japan, our scope is wide and we’re always in search of great Honda builds, irrespective of where they come from. For this year’s edition, we set off to a region that most wouldn’t expect us to look: the Pacific Northwest. Not mainly because they don’t produce dope builds–in fact, it’s quite the contrary. Blame it on crap weather and lack of events for not bringing these cars to light.

01 1997 honda civic 00 spec civic front endmission to the Northwest was to capture two Hondas that are significant to us; one of them being the circuit-inspired Integra Type R the thing is on the cover and the other this utterly timeless creation by Portland resident, Yoon Saechao. We felt that his ’97 Honda Civic was perfectly suited for this year’s Honda Issue because it would be regarded as a quality build no matter what time frame you reference.

And, so, this is where Yoon’s story actually begins: I’ve always wanted a red ’99-00 Civic hatchback, he says. They were crazy expensive back after i was younger so I settled for this ’97 hatchback. 3 months into owning it, I did little things like lower it and installed front/rear lips. I didn’t do anything crazy because I found myself just beginning to learn how to work towards cars at that time. I eventually got the hang of wrenching on my own and chose to do a B16A swap.

Things were going smoothly just for this Civic project until one early morning flipped his world upside down. I used to be getting ready for work once i hear a knock on my door. I opened the doorway to see who it was and was greeted by a police officer. He asked generally if i owned a Honda Civic and I replied that I did. He told me that it had been stolen but was recovered and sitting at a local tow yard. My fiancée and I were in utter shock but were relieved because we hadn’t put the B16 in the vehicle yet. I needed planned to setup it that same week but luckily I didn’t.

1997 Honda Civic – I Get Knocked Downn

I called the tow yard and they told me to create a set of wheels with me because the car had been completely stripped. I was expecting the worst but decided to go check it out anyway. Upon arrival, I saw that it was far from stripped; all that was missing were the radio and some miscellaneous things. It had been still fully operational and so i drove it home that same day. In every honesty, I feel the tow yard was trying to keep my car and totally lied by saying that it was completely stripped so that I wouldn’t come for this. Good thing I went. Yoon was discouraged from concentrating on his Civic after that. Possessing a car obtained from you by thieves quickly changes anyone’s perspective. Handling shady towing companies afterwards only adds to the agony. He credits his fiancée, Cindy, for helping him cope and pushing him to continue on with his project. Thankfully she did because her positive words of encouragement were what ultimately pushed him to create what you see here on these pages today.

Non-Honda people will state that this Civic is nothing special, the casual Honda owners will state that this car looks just like theirs, and also the hardcore Honda aficionados will adore everything regarding this. The key to your everlasting Honda creation is simplicity, rather than in terms of leaving the car with only Japanese OEM parts either–product execution and selection are vital. Later sold it when he acquired an OEM ’00 Civic front end, even though yoon’s Civic has experienced a multitude of changes to its appearance; he started out with Japanese-specific EK4 Civic SiR bumpers. He never did receive the ’99-00 Civic he wanted, so the next best thing was the conversion. Currently, this hatchback features a variety of OEM JDM Civic Type R body parts along with an authentic Mugen Type-SS front lip. The Mugen piece was pretty trashed when he bought it used. He spent the time to restore it to a like-new condition before paint-matching it to all of those other Roma Red body. A Voltex rear spoiler was installed to add more aggressiveness towards the body while Vision side mirrors replace the bulbous stock pieces and streamline the rest of the car.

I Become Up Agai, although 11 1997 honda civic mugen type SS front lip Photo 4/12

If you would like talk simplicity, the less is more approach is just as evident inside of the Civic. All sound-deadening material was removed and the entire cabin area re-sprayed in red. Whatever resembled a plastic interior panel was eliminated combined with the headliner and seats to produce room for the six-point Kirk Racing rollcage. Spoon Sports products made their way inside in the form of a controls and Duracon shift knob. A pair of plush Recaro SRD seats keep Yoon firmly in the driver’s seat where he lives his dreams of someday possessing a ’99-00 Civic vicariously via a 2000 EM1 Civic Si instrument cluster.

Ask any Honda enthusiast what is essential in any prominent Honda build and they will surely tell you that everything comes down to what rests underneath the hood. Not simply is the motor setup significant, the execution of the bay itself can be just as crucial. The B18C5 presently in Yoon’s Civic is his third engine swap in six years; the initial was the B16A that luckily wasn’t stolen and also the second a far more stoutly B20. His ITR swap is the most potent in the three, assembled from the ground-with upgraded valvetrain components, a ported/polished cylinder head and honed block. The unique runner design from the Bisimoto V3 header pulls double-duty in Yoon’s bay with the addition of power and complementing a clean-tucked engine bay. If you find even an electrical harness by any means, whereas the brake lines and 40/40 proportioning valve have been relocated under the dashboard, leaving the firewall completely bare, a Rywire engine harness leaves many wondering.

I Have Up Agai, even though 03 1997 honda civic spoon sports gen 2 steering wheel Photo 5/12

It was built entirely from his garage at home. That is certainly perhaps the greatest aspect of Yoon Saechao’s Civic build. It’s a throwback to the days when all custom vehicles were created with character in a garage, with help from friends and not assembled by a shop. The front end installs, multiple engine swaps, stripping from the interior, installation of new parts, and even paint were all done at his house. The drive that he needed to accomplish his goal of finishing this is from Cindy and his family. They kept me going by reminding me that all the time and money I invested was worthwhile, even though yoon reveals, I almost sold this car and even thought about parting it all out at times. I probably wouldn’t have made it this far.” when it wasn’t for them”

2014 Ducati 1199 Panigale R – First Ride


Most motorcyclists spend the majority of their time dreaming about extremes: cruiser fan-boys fantasize about gliding from coast to coast, adventure riders imagine tackling the harshest of terrain, and wannabe knee-draggers superimpose themselves on a screaming rocket negotiating one of MotoGP’s 18 world circuits. To help you imagine my palpitations as i found myself astride a pulsing 2014 Ducati 1199 Panigale R in pitlane of the newly minted Circuit of the Americas in Austin, TX; bestill my racing, speed-loving, pre-adolescent heart.

On the surface, Ducati’s latest land missile looks like a boy-racer version of its flagship superbike, with obligatory carbon fiber bits, snazzy white stripes as well as a clearcoated bare aluminum tank. But your hard-earned $29995 (a $7000 premium over the S model) mainly goes to the bike’s mechanicals, whose primary purpose is to beat the area in World Superbike Racing.

Peak power comes 500rpm higher, with maximum revs attained in a bellowing 12000rpm, although the 1198cc L-twin produces the same 195hp as its less expensive stablemate. Ducati also claims the R version returns 18% more torque during full-throttle acceleration from 124mph.

New titanium connecting rods as well as a lighter flywheel trim nearly 3 lb, while a diamond-like coating on the rocker arms ensures safe operation as the famous Desmodromically actuated valves do their business at the top end.

Revised ECU settings boost midrange torque, which resolves with a peak of 98.1 lb-ft. Two extra teeth in the rear sprocket effectively shortens the six-speed’s ratios, balanced with the higher redline to yield a similar top speed as the S model.

2014 ducati 1199 panigale r bike line upadd a bubblier windscreen for high-speed aerodynamics, an aero piece included with the fairing, and an adjustable swingarm to optimize grip or maneuverability. Included with your purchase is a free-breathing, track-only Termignoni exhaust system.

That can bring us to Circuit of the Americas, where Panigale R’s rumbling big-twin feels lusty, alive, and eager to pounce on every and any apex it encounters. Yours truly? Well, sometimes it seems the greatest thing to do at the new track on a fire-breathing bike is kick up the sidestand, click into gear, and go with the 195hp flow. Although with MotoGP rider Nicky Hayden in attendance and running some demonstration laps, the stress was definitely on.

Pitlane is the perfect location for a first taste of the Panigale R: this lonely uphill straight is quickly conquered after easing into first gear, that is engaged by way of a relatively light release of the slipper clutch-enabled left lever.

Set to “Race” mode, throttle response is heightened yet smooth, thanks to the re-mapped injectors. First gear is exploited faster than you are able to say “redline”, and the bike’s quick shifter enables you to tap up to the next gear instantaneously, without bothersome and time-consuming clutch-pulling rigmarole.

2014 ducati 1199 panigale r riding

2014 ducati 1199 panigale r riding

2014 ducati 1199 panigale r rider

The 417 lb Duc leans into the first corner with an inherent feeling of surefootedness, along with the über-sticky Pirelli Supercorsa SC tires – chosen specially for this track due to its relatively virgin tarmac – convey enough steering feel to encourage ballsier entry speeds than you initially thought possible.

Upon exit, ginger throttle application is normal (after all, who wants to be that guy? ), but as confidence mounts, a healthier dose of throttle twist reveals inspiring grip from the 200mm rubber mounted for the forged rear Marchesini wheel.

Gradually quickening the pace around the course requires self and vigilance-control; after all, it’s seductively easy to go in over your face on the high speed, decreasing radius sections like turns 3 through 5, where F1 cars enter at a mind-bending 181mph, and exit in a mere 120mph.

Dial in the touch more throttle, along with the Panigale voraciously chomps at the pavement ahead; grab the right brake lever, and dual 330mm Brembo front discs shrink speed while slamming your man parts from the tank.

Though it roars its way through space, managing this crimson Italian can be a delicate business, even with the electronic safety net – from traction control to electronically adjustable damper ABS and settings – lurking inside the background, promising to save your bacon.

Is Ducati’s 1199 Panigale R the right ride for any well-heeled Tom, Dick or Harry to spend thirty large on? Sure, it’s a high-priced slap in the face to (perfectly capable) road racers like Hondas $13800 CBR1000RR, Yamaha’s $14490 YZF-R1, Suzuki’s $13799 GSX-R1000 and Kawasaki’s $14299 ZX-10R. However the R’s magic lies in knowing you’re straddling some of the most innovative mechanical artistry this side of a World Superbike.

As an unfettered expression of Italian speed and style, the Ducati 1199 Panigale R is one hell of a way to embrace the most, although it may be expensive and can eventually expire into obsolescence like last year’s Paris couture.compression and rebound

Wheels & Tires 17×3.5 f, 17×6 r, 120/70 ZR17 f, 200/55 ZR17 r

Exterior LED lighting

2014 ducati 1199 panigale r cornering

2014 ducati 1199 panigale r at the track

2014 ducati 1199 panigale r ZR17 tires


Power 195hp at 10750rpm

Torque 98.1 lb-ft at 9000rpm

-60 mph N/A

Top Speed N/A

Weight 417 lb

Fuel Economy N/A

MSRP $29995


Once the 2014 E-Class Sedan received its mid-cycle facelift @@@@@ A revamp of the E-Class Coupe and Cabriolet was inevitable. As a result, both the two-door models wear the four-door’s larger grille, as well as headlights that dispense with the earlier “four-eyed” look in support of two rows of LED on either side. The gaping air intakes on each side of your front license plate also bring a sportier attitude to the handsome new appearance.

Although they’re card-carrying members of the E-Class family, the Coupe and Cabrio have almost no exterior parts in common with the sedan. The styling is sleeker, the windshields more raked, and optional 19 wheels fill their wells with purpose. They also have a shorter wheelbase: 108.7 compared with 113.2”.

For MY14, North American drivers will see the E350 and E550 both in hard- and soft-top form. The former packs a 3.5-liter V6 under its elongated hood, with 302hp and 273 lb-ft, which is shipped to the rear wheels through a seven-speed transmission (the Coupe also comes with optional 4Matic all-wheel drive). The E550 brings a V8 snarl, developing 408hp and 443 lb-ft from 4.6 liters of turbocharged displacement.

Whilst the E550 can reach triple-digit speeds within a ridiculously short time, it’s the E350’s output that will fulfill the demands of the majority of drivers. The smaller engine also results in a lighter front-end, sharpening the steering and giving the nose a crisper turn-in to corners.

Select “Sport” mode for that two-stage adjustable suspension and things become even crisper. But “Comfort” never relinquishes body control, it simply soaks up irritating surface imperfections better. Think of them as two complementary flavors of the same dish.

Amidst its power and magnificence, the E-Class is now legendary for its inventory of safety equipment. Front-facing stereoscopic cameras as well as other radar sensors around the car report to your central “brain” that constantly assesses road conditions, driver alertness and behavior of other road users. It’s then capable of decide whether to brake a wheel or two, or four, to help you avoid a collision. It will flash a stern warning light about the dash or perhaps in the side mirrors to alert you to what it perceives as a potential problem.

2014 mercedes benz e class coupe cabriolet front fascia

2014 mercedes benz e class coupe cabriolet v6 DOHC 24v direct injection

2014 mercedes benz e class coupe cabriolet rolling shot

We reviewed several accident avoidance systems in your earlier E-Class Sedan reviews (EC 6/13 & 7/13), and Mercedes-Benz claims the Cabrio is definitely the safest in their class because of the equipment that also includes standard Collision Prevention Assist, Attention Assist and 11 airbags to get it beyond dispute.

It’s that the large camera unit is set behind the rearview mirror and takes up lots of real estate if there’s a gripe. The rakishly sloped A-pillars already hamper visibility to an extent, and the two together mean you’ll sometimes crane your neck to view pedestrians or traffic lights properly.

The E-Class Coupe is a fine machine, however. There’s even a respectable amount of space in the back for passengers. It’s not terrible, though getting into the rear quarters might present a challenge.

The Cabriolet also seats four which is possibly the most interesting car of the two. The fabric roof has several layers to keep noise and weather out. It can be operated at speeds of up to 25mph and takes about 25sec to operate.

On top of the windshield is an (optional) retractable flap called Aircap. It deflects wind on the car, not simply over the front seats. There’s also a small deflector involving the rear seats, which means you can conduct a conversation with all the top down at freeway speeds.

The top seats house of one the Cabrio’s most in-demand options: Airscarf. Hot air blows from the vent in the seat at neck level. With the added convenience of heated lower cushions, the auto can easily be driven with the top down even on winter days.

The E550 Coupe will probably tempt hardcore drivers. It’s a fantastic choice therefore we recommend an evaluation drive. But think for the second: since the decision was already made to purchase a two-door E-Class, why not go all the way and have the fun of the Cabrio? And even though the E350’s engine is potent enough, those who don’t mind waiting until next year could possibly get a new 333hp E400 Coupe or Cabriolet, which will replace the E350 versions being a 2015 model.

2014 mercedes benz e class coupe cabriolet rolling shot

2014 mercedes benz e class coupe cabriolet center console interior

2014 mercedes benz e class coupe cabriolet airscarf option

2014 Mercedes-Benz E350 Coupe

Layout Longitudinal front engine, rear-wheel drive (optional E350 Coupe 4Matic)

Engine 3498cc V6 DOHC 24v, direct injection

Drivetrain seven-speed automatic, shift paddles

Suspension multi-link f&r, Agility Control, electro-mechanical, speed-sensitive steering

Brakes 12.7 discs f, 11.8 r

Wheels & Tires 17×7.5 , 235/45 R17


Peak power 302hp at 6500rpm

Peak torque 273 lb-ft at 3500-5250rpm

-60mph 6.1sec

Top Speed 130mph

Weight 3619 lb

Economy 20/28/23mpg (city/highway/combined)

MSRP from $52120

Why Is My Gas Mileage So Bad

Poor gas mileage can be caused by a whole host of different things, but these days we all need to get as far as we can for our gallon of gas. It not only helps us to save money but also helps to reduce the amount of gas we use which is great for the environment. It’s also worth remember that gas supplies are dwindling fast, and the further we get to the gallon the better it is for the whole world.


Here are some of the major culprits when it comes to using more gas than you need to get from A to B:
Spark plugs – these relatively small and inexpensive components play a very important part when it comes to gas mileage. They are directly responsible for sparking up the combustion in the engine. If your spark plugs aren’t working properly it can be a real negative when it comes to gas mileage.
Faulty fuel injectors – can also be the cause of bad gas mileage. These actually put the fuel through into the engine and if they are leaking less fuel will make it will mean that the engine won’t run quite as efficiently as it should.
Air Filters and oxygen filters – these can cause up to a 20% reduction in gas mileage efficiency. Oxygen sensors are designed to create the right mix between gas and air, and if this balance gets out of whack so does the efficiency of the motor. Air filters which get clogged up should be cleaned out . . . a relatively simple fix by anybody’s standards. In order for an engine to work at its peak efficiency and performance you need clean air filters.


Air conditioning – can also have an effect on the fuel efficiency of a motor. Lots of gas can be wasted powering the air conditioning system. Whether you need to use air conditioning depends largely on the speed you drive. When you are driving slowly it is a better idea to open up the windows but if driving at higher speeds you should close the windows to reduce drag . . . which in itself can have a detrimental effect on gas mileage.
Idling – is a complete waste of gas. Leaving your engine running while you are not moving anywhere is just a waste. This could be your way of letting the engine warm up during the colder winter months or while you are parked waiting to collect someone. Car engines really only need around 30 seconds to warm up so any more is a waste of gas, and if you are sitting parked while waiting for someone to pop into the store, come out of school or work just switch off the engine. This will help to save your gas, your money and the environment too.


Motor oil – can also have an effect on the amount of miles you get for your gas. Choose motor oils which are high quality to reduce friction – check the cars manual to see what the manufacturer recommends.
Driving – can also make a major difference to fuel efficiency. This is not only about the speed which you drive (slow down for maximum efficiency) but also the way you drive. If you are quite an aggressive driver who brakes and accelerates quickly this will use more gas.
Many modern cars are designed for the maximum efficiency. Check out the choices at a Nissan dealer Los Angeles, or better still have a look at this website from the comfort of your own home. It’s